Luxury Bedroom Interior of the Autograph Plus
Developed by Cruxstone Development & Investment
Maisonette Living Room
4 Bedroom Penthouse
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Bedroom En-suites


Family Lounge

The Autograph Plus

Luxury and elegance await at Autograph Plus.

Experience the epitome of refined living at Autograph Plus Victoria Island, Lagos. Start your journey with us and indulge in the opulence of our exquisite accommodations.

The Autograph Plus Luxury Apartments Finest Touch

Explore Autograph Plus’ exclusive condominiums spanning twenty-two stories. Featuring balconies, interior sliding doors, and expansive windows, our modern and comfortable homes provide an ideal sanctuary for your family.

Total Units 86
ELEVATORSDecentralized Lifts
Autograph Plus

Price from N82.5m Initial Deposit


S/NUNIT TYPEUNIT  SQMOutright6 Month12 Month18 Month24 Month
12-BED APT112  224,000,000.00  229,600,000.00  235,200,000.00  240,800,000.00  246,400,000.00
23-BED APT225  450,000,000.00  461,250,000.00  472,500,000.00  483,750,000.00  495,000,000.00
34 BED MAS.408  816,000,000.00  836,400,000.00  856,800,000.00  877,200,000.00  897,600,000.00
41-BED APT83  207,500,000.00  212,687,500.00  217,875,000.00  223,062,500.00  228,250,000.00
52-BED APT135  337,500,000.00  345,937,500.00  354,375,000.00  362,812,500.00  371,250,000.00
6SUITE40  100,000,000.00  102,500,000.00  105,000,000.00  107,500,000.00  110,000,000.00
71 BED LOFT82  205,000,000.00  210,125,000.00  215,250,000.00  220,375,000.00  225,500,000.00
81 BED LOFT63  157,500,000.00  161,437,500.00  165,375,000.00  169,312,500.00  173,250,000.00
91 BED LOFT105  262,500,000.00  269,062,500.00  275,625,000.00  282,187,500.00  288,750,000.00
102 BED LOFT120  300,000,000.00  307,500,000.00  315,000,000.00  322,500,000.00  330,000,000.00
11STUDIO APT52  130,000,000.00  133,250,000.00  136,500,000.00  139,750,000.00  143,000,000.00
12SUITE38    95,000,000.00    97,375,000.00    99,750,000.00  102,125,000.00  104,500,000.00
13SUITE48  120,000,000.00  123,000,000.00  126,000,000.00  129,000,000.00  132,000,000.00
14SUITE 33    82,500,000.00    84,562,500.00    86,625,000.00    88,687,500.00    90,750,000.00
15STUDIO APT63  157,500,000.00  161,437,500.00  165,375,000.00  169,312,500.00  173,250,000.00
161 BED LOFT80  200,000,000.00  205,000,000.00  210,000,000.00  215,000,000.00  220,000,000.00

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Real Estate Company in Nigeria

Why Invest In The Autograph Plus

The hospitality industry is undergoing rapid transformations with the emergence of Airbnb, short-term apartments, and extended stays. 

Join a community of investors who are set to earn a steady and appreciable long-term income stream.

Don't wait any longer, seize the opportunity and invest in Autograph Plus today!

Managed by a world class hospitality Brand.

These rising accommodation options have taken over the market, as people increasingly seek a “home away from home” experience that aligns with their fast-paced modern lifestyle.

10% Guaranteed ROI Per Annum

Autograph Plus offers a unique opportunity for investors to own and have their apartments managed by a renowned world-class hospitality brand. This ensures high returns on investment, with projected double-digit earnings.

A purpose-built Extended Stay Apartment

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities and Amenities of the Autograph Plus
Gym Area of the Nautica Rise lekki atlantic

RoofTop Lifestyle

Autograph Plus presents a harmonious lifestyle atop its premises, featuring a range of amenities on the rooftop. Indulge in the exquisite offerings of our swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna, and more, allowing you to maintain a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Rooftop Lifestyle of the Autograph Plus 2 Bedroom for sale in Victoria Island

Asked Questions

You can invest in The Autograph Plus by purchasing either the Hotel Suites, 1 Bedroom Loft, 1 Bedroom Apartment, 2 Bedroom Loft, 2 Bedroom Apartment, 3 Bed Apartment, 4 Bedroom Maisonette or multiple units.

An attractive annual income upon operations and capital appreciation of the asset. A 10% minimum ROI is guaranteed on any unit invested in.

Subscribers to the Autograph will get a Registered Deed of Sublease. However, the purchase will be tied to a clause exempting the owner from personal usage. Unit allocation will be upon full payment of the property.

Upon Operations, ROI will be paid at the end of the first financial year. Subsequently returns will be paid either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually as advised.

The Annual yield as projected by the Hospitality Management Authority is a minimum of 60% occupancy per annum, translating to double digit percentage earnings on units purchased.

The Autograph Plus is a Non-Residential Apartment (NRA) strictly for investment purposes. However, as an owner, you enjoy one week stay, per year, free of charge.

The investment is a lifetime investment.


Our Hospitality Management Brand will handle and manage all hospitality requests.


The Hospitality Management Brand in charge of the operations of The Autograph plus is committed to the interest of all  investors. Moreover, they will work in conjunction with the appointed External Auditors to prepare and give audited Annual Financial Report to the Investors.


The investors will at the first general meeting agree on the External Auditor to be appointed.


Yes, you can but the developer retains the right of first refusal.


Yes, you can an early equity release option is available.

Legal fees = 5% of the unit cost.

A 30% initial deposit with the balance spread for up to 24 months. (See Investment Outlook Page for more details)

Yes, purchases are limited to a maximum of 5 units.

The projected delivery of The Autograph Plus will be Q2,2026 with operation commencing Q4,2026.

Yes, the co-ownership option is available, subject to Terms and Conditions.

A refund would be made subject to 10% administrative fee deduction, after a resale of the unit.


As an interested investor, kindly contact any of our Investment Advisors.

Request and fill out your details in our Subscription Form.

Make the required deposit to the account details provided in the form.

Receipt, Invoice and Sales Contract will be issued subsequently.

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Address 8 Sinari Darinijo Street, V.I, Lagos