2 Bedroom Apartments for sale at the Nautica Rise

In the heart of opulence and serenity, Nautica Rise stands tall as a beacon of luxury, offering a distinct living experience. This waterfront marvel boasts three towering structures, each soaring to 20 stories, with one of them uniquely designed as a Hotel apartment – and yes, it’s also for sale. Today, our spotlight shines on the crown jewel of Nautica Rise – the exquisite 2-bedroom apartments for sale.


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Nautica Rise Residence Lekki Atlantic

Nautica Rise's 2 bedroom apartments redefine modern living. These residences, ranging in size from 120 SQM to 130 SQM, effortlessly combine sophistication with functionality. As you step inside, you'll be greeted by the allure of a fitted kitchen, a cozy living room, 2 elegantly designed bedrooms, and a bonus feature – a servant's quarter (BQ). This meticulously crafted living space sets the stage for a life of comfort and convenience.

Nautica Rise Observatory Deck

Observatory Deck of the Nautica Rise

Exclusive to residents of Nautica Rise, the hotel towers boasts a remarkable Observatory Deck located on its rooftop

A Panoramic Oasis

What sets these 2 bedroom apartments for sale apart is the breathtaking 180-degree panoramic view they offer. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee while gazing at the tranquil ocean, or unwind after a long day with the dazzling city lights as your backdrop. The Nautica Rise experience extends beyond your home – it’s a visual symphony that complements your lifestyle.

Price from N78.6m

Investment Bliss: Short Lets and High Returns

Nautica Rise
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale and their Prices

For the astute investor, Nautica Rise presents a golden opportunity. These 2-bedroom apartments are not just homes; they are investment gateways. Whether you choose to delve into the lucrative short-term rental market or opt for a traditional long-term lease, the potential for a substantial return on investment is staggering.

Imagine capitalizing on the increasing demand for short-term accommodations, providing a home away from home for travelers seeking a touch of luxury. The return on investment (ROI) potential is nothing short of extraordinary, with projections indicating up to a 90% ROI in the first five years of operations. Nautica Rise isn't just a residence; it's a strategic investment that pays dividends.

Unveiling the Price of Luxury Nautica Rise

As we delve into the specifics, let's talk numbers. The 2-bedroom apartments at Nautica Rise are available at a starting price of N174,762,500.00. This investment secures you a lavish 120 SQM space with all the amenities and views that define the Nautica Rise experience.

Nautica Rise 2 Bedroom Apartments - 120 SQM Prices and Payment Terms

Payment Plan Total Price Initial Deposit (30%) Balance (Spread over the duration)
Outright N174,762,500.00 - -
6 Months N180,005,375.00 N54,001,612.50 N126,003,762.50 (6 equal monthly payments)
12 Months N185,248,250.00 N55,574,475.00 N129,673,775.00 (12 equal monthly payments)
18 Months N190,491,125.00 N57,147,337.50 N133,343,787.50 (18 equal monthly payments)
24 Months N195,734,000.00 N58,720,200.00 N137,013,800.00 (24 equal monthly payments)


For those seeking a little extra space and grandeur, the 130 SQM option awaits, with an outright purchase price of N189,625,000.00. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends luxury and financial prudence.


Nautica Rise 130 SQM Prices and Payment Terms

Payment Plan Total Price Initial Deposit (30%) Balance (Spread over the duration)
Outright N190,137,500.00 - -
6 Months N195,841,625.00 N58,752,487.50 N137,089,137.50 (6 equal monthly payments)
12 Months N201,545,750.00 N60,463,725.00 N141,081,025.00 (12 equal monthly payments)
18 Months N207,249,875.00 N62,174,962.50 N145,072,912.50 (18 equal monthly payments)
24 Months N212,954,000.00 N63,886,200.00 N149,064,800.00 (24 equal monthly payments)


Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary? Step into a world where each word is crafted with a human touch and each apartment is a testament to a life well lived. Nautica Rise invites you to not just buy a home but to invest in a lifestyle.

Take the plunge, and let Nautica Rise redefine your notion of luxury living. Your 2-bedroom oasis awaits—a blend of panoramic beauty, investment potential, and the unique human touch.

Exploring the Ocean experience at Nautica Rise residence - Oniru

Facilities & Amenities

Rise - Oniru facilities and amenities
Gym Area of the Nautica Rise lekki atlantic
Wellness Club of Nautica Rise Residence

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