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Nautica Rise Lekki Atlantic: Your Serene Urban Oasis by the Atlantic.

Are you ready to discover your dream home where the tranquility of waterfront living meets the vibrancy of urban life? Nautica Rise Lekki Atlantic is your gateway to a lifestyle like no other. Explore our prime waterfront location, unbeatable connectivity, and exceptional wellness facilities. Your new life by the Atlantic awaits.

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Nautica Rise Lekki Atlantic Units Types

Nautic Rise presents a selection of premium residences in Lekki Atlantic, Lagos, located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. Our luxury 20-floor development off the Oniru axis provides a refined and professional living experience suitable for individuals like yourself who appreciate the finer things in life.


Pay 30% Initial deposit and Spread Balance up to 24 Months

As we delve into the specifics, let’s talk numbers. The 2-bedroom apartments at Nautica Rise are available at a starting price of N174,762,500.00. This investment secures you a lavish 120 SQM space with all the amenities and views that define the Nautica Rise experience.

Nautica Rise 2 Bedroom Apartments – 120 SQM Prices and Payment Terms

Payment PlanTotal PriceInitial Deposit (30%)Balance (Spread over the duration)
Outright 247,000,000.00
6 MonthsN253,175,000.00N75,952,500N29,537,083.33
(6 equal monthly payments)
12 MonthsN259,350,000.00N77,805,000.00N15,128,750.00
(12 equal monthly payments)
18 MonthsN265,525,000.00N79,657,500.00N10,325,972.22
(18 equal monthly payments)
24 MonthsN271,700,000.00N81,510,000.00N7,924,583.33
(24 equal monthly payments)

For those seeking a little extra space and grandeur, the 130 SQM option awaits, with an outright purchase price of N189,625,000.00. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a lifestyle that seamlessly blends luxury and financial prudence.

Nautica Rise 130 SQM Prices and Payment Terms

Payment PlanTotal PriceInitial Deposit (30%)Balance (Spread over the duration)
6 MonthsN274,016,667.35N81,760,833.369N- (6 equal monthly payments)
12 MonthsN280,700,000.70N83,755,000.035N- (12 equal monthly payments)
18 MonthsN287,383,334.05N85,749,166.704N- (18 equal monthly payments)
24 MonthsN294,066,667.00N292,477,777.90 

Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary? Step into a world where each word is crafted with a human touch and each apartment is a testament to a life well lived. Nautica Rise invites you to not just buy a home but to invest in a lifestyle.

Take the plunge, and let Nautica Rise redefine your notion of luxury living. Your 2-bedroom oasis awaits—a blend of panoramic beauty, investment potential, and the unique human touch.

Features and Amenities

State-of-the-Art facilities and amenities that are nothing short of exceptional to complement and enhance your luxurious lifestyle with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Features and Amenities

Smart Living in Nautica Rise

Nautica Rise: a Project of Cruxstone Development & Investment Ltd.

smart home


swimming pool

equipped gym

fitted kitchen


roof top area

24 hours electricity




quality water supply

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Step into your opulent sanctuary, where every element is designed to elevate your lifestyle. Our curated first-class amenities redefine luxury living, ensuring your comfort takes center stage for an unrivaled experience.

  •  Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge Interactive Lobby
  • Indulge in the Five-Star Resident’s Lounge
  • Experience VIP treatment in the Guest Lounge
  • Enjoy a cinematic escape in the Contemporary Cinema
  • Connect seamlessly with Fiber-to-the-Home technology
  • Culinary perfection in the Fully-Fitted Leading Edge Kitchen
  • Elevate your fitness routine in the Ultra-Modern Squash Court and Advanced Gymnasium
  • Unwind in the Dynamic Entertainment Hub
  • Take a refreshing dip in the Infinity Edge Swimming Pool.
  • Exclusive moments in the Private Members Club Room
  • Gourmet delights at the 24-Hour Restaurant dedicated to residents
  • Conduct meetings with a panoramic city view in the Private Meeting Room

And to top it off, capture the allure of the 15th-story exterior—a visual testament to the extraordinary lifestyle awaiting you.

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Your opulent sanctuary beckons. Embrace the epitome of luxury living.

How to Invest in any Bedroom Apartment with a Nautilus Rise Payment Plan?

Investing in Nautica Rise Lekki Peninsula Residence provides a unique opportunity to expand your financial portfolio with a waterfront lifestyle. A 30% down payment and a 24-month payment plan are part of our attractive offer. Our strategic guide will ensure you secure a stake in this unparalleled luxury development.

g2 living room

Start your investment journey by making a 30% down payment. This initial commitment ensures that you secure your preferred unit and sets the stage for a manageable payment schedule.

Enjoy the flexibility of spreading the remaining balance over 24 months. This extended timeframe allows you to align your investment with your financial goals and ensures a smoother, stress-free payment experience.

By breaking down the balance into manageable monthly installments, you mitigate financial strain and maintain liquidity. This strategic approach empowers you to invest in luxury real estate without compromising your overall financial well-being.

Preserve your cash flow and maintain your lifestyle while securing a prestigious residence in Ikoyi. The extended payment plan allows you to allocate resources effectively, making your investment in Nautica Heights Residence a seamless part of your financial strategy.

Maximize your investment potential with Nautica Residence. By utilizing a smart payment plan, you can secure your stake and position yourself for potential market appreciation, ensuring long-term investment value.

Secure your investment in Nautica Rise Residence with confidence, as your financial strategy is seamlessly aligned with both your short-term and long-term objectives. This professional approach not only guarantees a lavish dwelling but also sets the stage for a flourishing future.

Nautica Rise: 1, 2, 3 bedroom & 4 Bedroom Penthouse

Investing in Nautica Rise Residence, Lekki Atlantic, with a 30% down payment and a balanced 24-month payment plan is not only a transaction but also a wise move towards financial prosperity. Take charge of your investment journey, secure your piece of luxury, and set sail towards prosperity with Nautica Rise Residence.

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