Best Short Let in Nigeria: Unlocking Investment Potential at Nautica Rise in Lekki Bluewater

Maximizing Returns with Short Let: Introducing Nautica Rise in Lekki Bluewater

Are you seeking an investment opportunity that offers both luxury and lucrative returns? Look no further than Nautica Rise in Lekki Bluewater, situated in the vibrant heart of Lagos, Nigeria. This 20-story luxury building apartment has not only changed the skyline of Victoria Island but also revolutionized the concept of short let investments in the region.

Investment Opportunity at Nautica Rise for Short in Nigeria

Nautica Rise presents investors with a unique proposition – the opportunity to utilize their residential apartments for short let purposes and generate a significant return on investment (ROI). This innovative approach allows investors to capitalize on the growing demand for short-term accommodations in Lagos, catering to local and international travellers.

Discover Nautica Rise: Luxury Redefined

Located in Lekki Bluewater, Nautica Rise offers a range of exquisite residential options, including:

  • 1 Bedroom apartment
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments with BQ
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments with BQ
  • 4 Bedroom Penthouse with 2 BQs

Each unit is meticulously designed to blend modern sophistication with unparalleled comfort, providing residents and guests with an exceptional living experience.

Exceptional Amenities

Nautica Rise sets a new standard for luxury living with its extensive array of amenities, including:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Lounge Area
  • 24/7 Security
  • Power Supply
  • High-speed Internet
  • Concierge Services

Whether you’re unwinding by the poolside or hosting a gathering in the elegant lounge area, Nautica Rise ensures that every moment is infused with luxury and relaxation.

Invest with Confidence

By investing in Nautica Rise, you’re not only acquiring a premium property but also tapping into a lucrative revenue stream through short-lease opportunities. With the support of Jupegan, the leading real estate consultancy firm in Nigeria, investors can navigate the investment process with confidence and expertise.

Learn More About Natica Rise

To learn more about Nautica Rise and explore its investment potential, visit Jupegan’s website. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to secure your place in one of Lagos’s most iconic residential developments and embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and financial prosperity.

Invest in Nautica Rise today and redefine your investment portfolio with sophistication and success.

How Investors Can Make Money from Short Let: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Understanding the Short Let Model: Before diving into the specifics of making money from short let accommodations, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of the short let model. Unlike traditional long-term leases, short let agreements allow property owners to rent out their furnished properties for short durations, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. This flexibility opens up opportunities for investors to generate income from their properties while catering to the transient needs of tenants.

2 Bedroom Short Let for Sale in Victoria Island Bedroom

2. Maximizing Rental Income: One of the primary ways investors can make money from short let accommodations is by maximizing rental income. This involves setting competitive rental rates based on market trends, property location, and amenities offered. Additionally, investors can leverage peak seasons, special events, and promotional strategies to attract tenants and maximize occupancy rates. By continuously monitoring market demand and adjusting rental rates accordingly, investors can optimize their rental income potential.

3. Minimizing Operating Expenses: In addition to maximizing rental income, investors can enhance their profitability by minimizing operating expenses associated with short let accommodations. This includes managing utilities, maintenance costs, cleaning fees, and property management expenses. Implementing cost-saving measures, such as energy-efficient upgrades and outsourcing maintenance services, can help investors reduce overheads and improve their bottom line.

The autograph Plus short let apartments

4. Offering Value-Added Services: To differentiate their short let properties and command higher rental rates, investors can consider offering value-added services to tenants. This may include complimentary amenities such as high-speed internet, housekeeping services, concierge assistance, and access to recreational facilities. By enhancing the overall guest experience and providing added convenience, investors can attract discerning tenants willing to pay premium rates for their accommodations.

5. Leveraging Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with reputable property management companies, online booking platforms, and travel agencies can also contribute to investors’ success in the short let market. These strategic partnerships can help investors streamline operations, increase property visibility, and tap into broader customer networks. By leveraging the expertise and resources of trusted partners, investors can optimize their property’s performance and maximize revenue-generating opportunities.

1 Bedroom Apartment at Zirconia Heights Lekki Phase 1, Office spaces and short let

6. Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies: Lastly, successful investors in the short let market understand the importance of continuous monitoring and strategic adaptation. By closely tracking key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, average nightly rates, and guest reviews, investors can identify trends, assess performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize profitability. Flexibility and agility are essential traits for navigating the dynamic short let landscape and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Example Scenario:

Investment Property: Nautica Rise – 2 Bedroom Apartment with BQ


  • Monthly Short Let Rental Income: $2,500
  • Annual Operating Expenses (including utilities, maintenance, and management fees): $10,000
  • Initial Investment Cost: $300,000

Calculation for First-Year ROI:

  1. Total Annual Rental Income: Monthly Rental Income * 12 months = $2,500 * 12 = $30,000
  2. Net Operating Income (NOI): Total Annual Rental Income minus Annual Operating Expenses $30,000 – $10,000 = $20,000
  3. ROI Percentage: (Net Operating Income / Initial Investment Cost) * 100 ($20,000 / $300,000) * 100 = 6.67%

Interpretation: Based on the example scenario, investors can potentially achieve a 6.67% ROI within the first year of operations with a 2-bedroom apartment at Nautica Rise. This demonstrates the attractiveness of short let investments, especially when coupled with the luxurious amenities and prime location offered by Nautica Rise.

Note: Actual ROI may vary based on factors such as occupancy rates, rental market conditions, and property management efficiency. Investors are advised to conduct thorough research and consult with financial experts before making investment decisions.

By leveraging the short let model and maximizing rental income, investors can position themselves for significant returns in the burgeoning real estate market of Nigeria.


In conclusion, investors can make money from short let accommodations by understanding the underlying model, maximizing rental income, minimizing operating expenses, offering value-added services, leveraging strategic partnerships, and maintaining a proactive approach to monitoring and adjusting strategies. With careful planning, market awareness, and a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences, investors can unlock the full potential of their short let investments and achieve significant returns in Nigeria’s dynamic real estate market.